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Soleno Textile: 25 Years of Nonwoven intelligence

Traditional construction methods have limitations in terms of durability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility. More and more, our clients are looking for high-performance solutions that can meet the technical and ecological standards of the industry. For over 25 years, Soleno Textile has been manufacturing here in Laval bold non-woven textile solutions that can serve a wide range of applications, bringing profitability and flexibility to our clients.

As each project is unique, we go above and beyond to assist you with your projects. With a production line at the cutting edge of technology and unique in North America, Soleno is the perfect partner for your geosynthetic needs.

Our team is responsible for developing customized solutions that meet specifications and technical constraints. Research allows us to bring your most creative ideas to life by producing non-woven textiles that truly take into account the applications.

Specialized products for all our sector of activity.

Step into the world of geosynthetics through our solutions dedicated to the residential sector. Products designed for a range of applications, from foundation drainage to the optimization of your landscaping. Whatever your project, our expertise is with you. Explore our geosynthetics for the residential sector.

  • Building foundation and Slab
  • Drainage Trench
  • Residential Parking Area
  • Root Barrier and Vegetation Zone
  • Winter Protection
  • Private Permanent Way

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Elevate your commercial projects with our geosynthetics, where durability meets top-tier performance. Whatever the challenge, our solutions are ready. Dive into our dedicated offers for commercial projects.

  • Temporary Roadway
  • Public Permanent Way
  • Commercial Parking Area
  • Manholes Protection
  • Airport Runway
  • Basin, and Dam
  • Bank Protection and Sediment Retention

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Through our geosynthetics, discover a world of innovative solutions for the agricultural sector. Our filter sleeves help maintain the health of your soils while our root barrier solutions protect your vegetation areas. Our range of geosynthetics for agricultural development is designed to meet a variety of needs. Discover more now.

  • Field Drainage
  • Root Barrier and Vegetation Zone
  • Purification Fields

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Our geosynthetic solutions for the forestry sector are designed to meet its unique needs. Robust and durable, they have answers to all situations. Discover more by comparing our geosynthetics for forestry projects.

  • Private permanent lane
  • Public access road
  • Storage and Loading Area
  • Retaining wall, embankments and embankments
  • Dam and dike

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All our know-how in a single brochure.

Discover all our expertise in geosynthetics by consulting our latest brochure. Explore 21 use cases for all your projects.

  • Road Works
  • Landscaping
  • Construction Works
  • Hydraulic Works


Through this guide you will be able to:  

  • Identify situations requiring the use of geosynthetics
  • Understand the benefits of using geosynthetics in identified application cases
  • Evaluate if Soleno’s geosynthetic solutions could meet your needs
  • Choose the right geosynthetic based on the intended application.

Selection Guide

Consult our selection guide to determine the right product to choose based on the applications and function of geosynthetics.

Selection Guide

Synthesis Guide

Consult our summary guide to obtain the properties and specifications byproduct.

Summary Guide

More resources

Consult our additional resources to choose the right product or consult the specifications.

Selection GuideSummary Guide

Installation Guide

For an efficient installation of our geotextiles dedicated to filtration and separation, consult our comprehensive guide that offers all the necessary information and instructions.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

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Our Certifications


Products that achieve the GREENGUARD Gold Certification have met stringent criteria to ensure they emit low levels of chemicals, thereby contributing to improved indoor air quality. This certification is based on scientific standards that prioritize the health and safety of consumers by limiting the exposure to harmful emissions from products. With a GREENGUARD Gold Certified product, you are selecting a product recognized for its low chemical emissions.

Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute-Laboratory Accreditation Program (GAI-LAP)

The Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute-Laboratory Accreditation Program (GAI-LAP) is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to ensure that a laboratory has the appropriate equipment, documentation, and testing protocol to properly perform geosynthetic tests. Accredited labs under this program have demonstrated adherence to consensus standardized test methods, ensuring consistency and reliability in the tests they undertake.