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Soleno is a family owned and operated business and a canadian ecoleader. 1st developer of sustainable stormwater solutions, we offer quality products and exclusive universal accessories

Solutions aménagement agricole - Gestion de l’eau pluviale

The most complete range of agricultural products on the market

Planning an agricultural development project is of paramount importance in a comprehensive plan for storm water and groundwater management, erosion control and yield improvement. Good agricultural subsurface drainage must promote gravitational drainage of water in farmland and help to control the groundwater level. With 3 perforation types and filter sheaths, Soleno offers the most comprehensive range of agricultural products available, allowing you to create the most effective combination according to the granulometric analysis of your soil.

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Precision Agriculture


Our agricultural drainage solutions

Precision agriculture is defined as a principle of farming management that aims to optimize yields and investments. Under this vision, Soleno continues to develop the most complete and distinctive range of products on the market, in order to offer farmers and drainers the optimal solution for each situation.  

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Are you familiar with the Mega 3 with 250 micron openings?

The top performer for filtration and permittivity

The filter sheath plays a crucial role in preventing fine particles from entering the perforated drainage pipe and causing drain obstruction problems.

  • Better water flow rate than other products such as 100-microns filter sheath. The latter prevents silting in soil from very fine silt to very fine sand.
  • Superior rupture resistance, which reduces the risk of tearing and ensures that the product retains its properties.
  • Cleaning drains is much easier than with a 450-microns polyester sheath which is often more difficult to clean due to silting.
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Our Accessories

Made in Canada, our range of universal fittings is now available and complements our complete range of coated and uncoated drains.

Our accessories with improved universal bells offer increased rigidity and a universal interior connection that adapts to all types of pipes.

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Our Geotextiles

Soleno offers a full range of nonwoven geotextiles that enhance the properties of the surrounding soils.

The solution to improve your soil

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