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Soleno, a foremost industry Ecoleader

Soleno is everywhere—under our roads, neighbourhoods, homes and fields. As the first developer of sustainable solutions, we have become established as masters of storm water management for the infrastructure, residential, natural resource and agricultural development sectors.

From incomparable expertise and outstanding technical service to environmentally responsible practices, find out what makes Soleno a business partner of choice.

A key player in the circular economy.

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Mastering Water Sustainably

Sustainable and customized collection systems

Soleno’s collection systems are sustainable and easily fitted to existing networks of pipes. Our products are perfectly tailored to their functions, combining the mechanical properties of HDPE with resistance to heaving caused by freezing and de-icing salts and superior performance in fluctuating temperatures. Soleno’s catch basins and perforated pipes are practical, economical alternatives for intercepting surface runoff.

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High-strength pipes with dependable connections

Channeling and conveying storm water via corrugated HDPE pipes that are strong and adequately meet the loads and conditions to which they are subjected. Dependable connections — including a patent pending bell outlet with integrated gasket (BIG) — are available, as well as a full range of corrugated steel pipes for applications in rural and forested areas. HDPE large-diameter pipes can be used to rehabilitate pipes that have reached the end of their service life.

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Effective and easily maintained treatment solutions

Effective solutions for meeting surface runoff quality control objectives. Our perfectly watertight HDPE solutions, with no moving parts, can be used alone or together to create an effective and easily maintained treatment train. Settling, hydrodynamic separation, filtration and infiltration are among the solutions available for eliminating suspended solids.

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Easy-to-install and economical storage systems

Soleno’s easy-to-install and economical storage solutions effectively meet the demands of increased surface runoff volume and are safe because they are subsurface.

Our retention chambers allow for temporary storage with or without ground water replenishment, and our watertight retention systems made of Solfo Max, HDPE pipes with flow regulators permit temporary storage of significant amount of water, minimizing the load on municipal storm water sewer systems during peak periods.

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Bold solutions using nonwoven textiles

Our nonwoven textiles are used in a wide range of applications, including engineering and infrastructure for road works, construction, landscaping and hydraulic works. Whether through filtration, separation, reinforcement, drainage, protection, control or concrete curing, these technical solutions help to improve the properties of soils.

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The excellence of our solutions is based on the involvement and commitment of our employees.

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Give back to the community

Because sustainable development is a constant concern, Soleno is now part of the network of Industrial ECOLEADERS in Quebec through obtaining the ECORESPONSIBLE certification – level 2. Performance – for its plant located at 1160, route 133, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu – sponsored by the Council of Sustainable industries (CSI).

For all our employees, working together and continuing to improve the overall performance of our company by reducing its ecological footprint remains a daily activity.

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