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The rehabilitation of a concrete manhole will allow the City of Châteauguay to expand its industrial park

François Guilbault

Representative and Project Manager, Rehabilitation Division

The Context

Counter extraneous water

Faced with an excessive daily wastewater flow for its St-Jean-Baptiste pumping station, the City of Châteauguay has chosen the epoxy and polyurea spray rehabilitation solution, which offers many benefits. Approached by the City for an estimation of the work required, Soleno Service experts quickly realized that the problem was more likely to come from a concrete manhole located upstream of the station that carried more than 140 m³ (4944 ft³) of extraneous water into the system every day. The manager of the hygiene division of the Environmental health division, Public Works and Engineering department, at the City of Châteauguay then mandated Soleno Service to rehabilitate this concrete manhole located at 42, rue Saint-Jean- Baptiste.

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Economical solution and without excavation

By eliminating the daily volume of extraneous water of 140 m³ (4944 ft³), the rehabilitation of this manhole allows the City of Châteauguay to go ahead with a residential project of about 100 single-family homes or their equivalent on its territory, a project that was not feasible before the rehabilitation work of Soleno Service.

The Solution

The concrete manhole to be rehabilitated, 900 mm (36 in) in diameter, had several deficiencies: absence benching and flow at the bottom, degraded and cracked walls and seals and a high groundwater table amplified all the problems.

The infrastructure rehabilitation solution using epoxy and polyurea spray was selected as the best solution for the rehabilitation of this 6-meters (19.6-foot) high concrete manhole.

Using a spraying epoxy and polyurea method for the rehabilitation of underground infrastructures was the ideal solution to solve this particular problem for the City of Châteauguay.

The Benefits

Indeed, this rehabilitation made it possible to eliminate the extraneous water that entered the network directly through this defective manhole. It also allowed the pumping station to be more efficient by returning to a normal daily volume of wastewater, allowing the pumps in place to return to a normal operating mode by halving their use, thereby reducing energy costs.

In addition to ensuring a second life for this manhole and restoring its structural capacity, the solution offered by Soleno Service hasmade it possible to preserve the integrity of the road network, underground infrastructure, landscaping and street furniture. Indeed, unlike a conventional replacement which would have resulted in a major constraining worksite, the epoxy and polyurea spray rehabilitation does not require any excavation, and therefore no risk of damage to the underground infrastructures and public serviceson site.

The Benefits (Cont’d)

In addition, this solution is economical and available at a fraction of the structure’s replacement cost (50% less), in addition to reducing the post-installation work usually required after a complete manhole replacement. Carried out innearly 5 days, this solution considerably reduces the impacts associated with traffic management and allows the site to be returned to its users outside the work hours, thus reducing the impacts on citizens, motorists and public transport users present at this location. During the work, only about ten parking spaces had to be temporarily removed during the work hours in order to create a suitable space for the Soleno Service team and mobile rehabilitation unit.

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