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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your most requested questions. Have more questions or would you like to start a project? Talk to your Soleno expert

How can I access your price lists?

Consult our price lists available by region in the section ‘Quick Resources & Useful Links‘. Otherwise, do not hesitate to contact our teams to learn more or to get your quote.

Where can I find information about your products?

Through the resource center you will find all the necessary information related to our products.


In the ‘Technical Documentation‘ section, you can find our manufacturing , brochures, data sheet, technical drawings, specifications and much more.


In the ‘Installation & Maintenance‘ section you will find all our resources related to the installation and maintenance of our solutions.


Finally, if you are looking for the best solutions, we invite you to consult our sections ‘New and Discovery‘ and ‘SolenoTV‘ in order to discover our new videos on our solutions, among others.


Sol'O Design tools

Create your storm water retention system in just a few clicks! Our online tool will guide you with recommendations towards an optimized design and will allow you to get a complete layout of your project!


Drain parfait

In order to achieve effective drainage, it is essential to establish a good diagnosis that always includes a soil analysis, to design an overall development plan, to select the appropriate drainage product and finally, to carry out a precise installation in accordance with the plan.

Our tools

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