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Forest road construction is one of the activities with the greatest negative impact on aquatic wildlife. Forest managers have to take into account issues arising out of their activities. Because forest management is a complex challenge, Soleno supports managers by offering a comprehensive line of sustainable solutions for mastering storm water in the rural, forestry and mining sectors. The solutions and products Soleno offers allow optimal access to the forest and provide effective drainage to preserve forest roads and extend their lifespan. In line with the Sustainable Forest Management Regulation, Soleno also offers products that meet the regulation’s objectives.

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Our Geotextiles

Soleno offers a full range of geotextiles that enhance the properties of the surrounding soils responding to the specific needs in the rural, forestry and mining sectors.


Nonwoven geotextile specially designed for the forest industry, the TX-F is used for HDPE culverts, steel culverts, road and highway drainage or temporary roadway applications.


Land barrier made of polypropylene used for protection in a sediment retention application.

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Innovative Products

In line with the government’s objective of supporting the development and growth of markets for Canadian forestry products derived from sustainable forest management, Soleno continues to innovate with its Turbulence Culvert that provides flow conditions similar to a creek and meets the objectives of the new Sustainable Forest Management Regulation. In forest management, sustainability is front and center, and Soleno’s solutions meet forest managers’ needs.

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Soleno’s patent-pending removable fish weir meets the objectives of the new Regulations respecting the Sustainable Development of Forests in the state domain (RRSDF), by allowing for the free flow of water and the free movement of aquatic wildlife.

By reducing the water flow, the Soleno fish weir facilitates the passage and the countercurrent movement by the fish, while serving as a refuge for the fauna and the fry.

The flow speed reduction in the culvert reduces the erosion at the outlet, which is beneficial to the conservation and stability of the slopes.

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An economical solution in large diameters pipes, allowing savings in transport due to the optimization of the loading space.

The pipe ends are adjusted to provide annular re-rolled corrugations, which allow couplings to be used to assemble successive lengths on a project.

With their arched shape, they help minimize depth of the backfill while conveying additional water volume at a low rate.

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