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Sound storm water management is vital to maintaining the quality of our infrastructures and the long-term viability of our roads. This is why Soleno helps you select, design and implement effective, sustainable storm water management solutions in sectors such as infrastructure, commercial and institutional. Soleno is the only wholly Quebec-owned company engaged in the design, manufacture and distribution of thermoplastic and geosynthetic products for the infrastructure sector. Our HDPE products have marked advantages over concrete and will reduce the cost and the environmental footprint of your projects.

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HDPE, the option of the future

Why choose HDPE in underground infrastructure solutions?

HDPE structures : the sustainable choice !
Watertightness of a Stormwater System

Innovative Infrastructure Products

The most efficient and compact hydrodynamic separator for storm sewers

The CDS continuous deflection hydrodynamic separator is exceptionally efficient. It effectively controls and treats over 60%* of suspended solids, oils and floating debris from runoff water before discharge to an outlet.

* See current local regulations.

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For gravity networks requiring perfect watertightness from ground water infiltration and conveyed water exfiltration, Soleno’s exclusive patented Bell with Integrated Gasket (BIG) is the best solution.

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The configuration of the different pretreatment models allows a minimum accumulation of 25 % of its volume in sediment.

The pretreatment unit, installed upstream of a retention basin, captures sediments, oils and floating debris to prevent their migration to the retention system, thus averting any risk of clogging the clean stone.

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The unique technology

Discover KRAH Pipes now offered by Soleno. Unlike fixed-standard solutions, KRAH technology allows the adaptation of pipe profiles to meet specific project needs and applicable standards.

Up to 100 different profiles are available to meet all requirements.

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Soleno offers a full range of nonwoven geotextiles that enhance the properties of the surrounding soils. Soleno also offers composite materials that extend infrastructure lifespan. These materials serve separation, reinforcement, drainage and protection functions. Their performance characteristics make nonwoven and composite materials suitable for a wide range of engineering applications.

Geotextiles: The solution to complex engineering problems

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