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Culvert replacement on the Rouge river


Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

Technical Service
Montérégie | Estrie

The Context

The only solution was polyethylene

The project involved the replacement of pipes lines due to the increased intensity of storm events. The pipes had to be increased in diameter. According to Fernand Mathieu, president of Bertrand Mathieu Ltd, the project was complex because the pipe to be replaced was close to two houses. Furthermore, power lines, a gas line and other utility lines passing near the site restricted the choice of equipment that could be used.

The Solution

The water stream was changed in order to facilitate its flow during intense rain events. The first elbow allowed the connection of the new pipe 2100 mm (82 in) in diameter, the new 2400 mm (95 in) culvert and two existing pipes. The second elbow allowed the return the 2400 mm (95 in) pipe in the existing river bed, while connecting the piped storm sewer that ran along the road.

HDPE is the best solution for culvert replacement

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