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New housing project: Square Mercier


Marie Bernier-Roy, Eng.

Manager Technical Service

cubic meters

The Context

Storm water storage: a simple and customized solution

Square Mercier, an housing project requiring $6M in infrastructure to service 300 residential units, involved the installation of a retention basin without groundwater replenishment. Several peculiarities have affected the development of the basin : a limited available area, a deep storm drainage system, a high ground water table and riparian strips requirements.

The Solution

The 21 rows of the first level of the basin consist of 504 StormChamber chambers, and the second level with 26 rows, contains 407 HydroStor HS180 chambers. A watertight geomembrane was placed on the entire excavated surface, measuring 59 m (193 ft) wide, 41 m (134.5 ft) in length and at a depth of 4.6 m (15 ft). In addition, in order to treat the stored water, a HydroStor pretreatment unit and an Aqua-Swirl AS-6 with a bypass manhole were incorporated into the chamber system.

Retention basin on two levels; a combination of StormChamber and HydroStor chambers

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