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New housing project: Horizon Complex

Alain Sicotte

Sales Representative

The Context

Collecting and conveying water: a simple and economical solution

This major project involves the installation of a storm sewer to service 40 duplexes, 2 8-unit buildings and 15 single family houses. When reviewing the plans and specifications, Marc Legault, Director of Public Works, recommended the use of HDPE products for manholes, catch basins and connecting pipes rather than the concrete that was already specified.

The Solution

Guy Legault, contractor and owner of LGN Horizon, therefore selected the HDPE capture solutions offered by Soleno. This included 33 catch basins of 600 mm (24 in) in diameter and 10 manholes of 1200 mm (48 in) in diameter, as well as several pipes of various diameters, from 250 mm (10 in) to 750 mm (30 in).

6-metre pipes greatly increase the speed of installation

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Images and Quotes

The pipes 6 m (20 ft) in length have greatly increased the speed of installation and reduced the number of joints, compared to traditional systems in concrete.
- Guy Legault, owner of LGN Horizon

Since using HDPE structures, degradation of the surrounding road surface, due to freeze/thaw cycles, has greatly decreased.
- Marc Legault, Director of Municipal Public Works

"In terms of occupational health and safety, the installation of HDPE structures is preferred."
- Marc Legault, Director of Municipal Public Works

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