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Meet Domaine de Rouville, a Soleno Customer for more than 40 years


Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

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The Context

Loyal user of a wide range of HDPE products

Since its foundation in 1977, Soleno has been able to count Domaine de Rouville among one of its most loyal customers. Domaine de Rouville uses a wide range of HDPE products to ensure the sound management of its stormwater. Products installed include Solflo and Solflo Max pipes, corrugated manholes and catch basins, fittings and accessories, all in a wide range of diameters. The use of geotextiles completes the range of products always in stock at Domaine de Rouville. Located along the many roads that criss-cross this large campground, these products are mainly used for surface collection, turf and recreational drainage, trench drain and storm water sewer applications,  in either roadway or non-roadway applications.

Discover the SoliFlex flexible drain

The Solution

Domaine de Rouville is quite satisfied by Soleno’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products for its many water management projects, It has been recommending the use of HDPE pipes, manholes and catch basins for several years. 

According to Mr. Robillard, using a 100 mm (4 in) SoliFlex drain instead of a traditional 150 mm (6 in) drain has resulted in savings of nearly 45%, while offering a better Manning coefficient (0.012). Robillard explains: “We had ditches to fill, and our reasoning was that because of its smooth interior, its Manning coefficient allowed more water to pass through than a 150 mm (6 in) corrugated drain, as well as being cheaper than the latter. 

Satisfied by Soleno’s HDPE products

Domaine de Rouville
% savings

Testimony and Appreciation

Here we have a huge rooting problem, and with the use of SoliFlex, we concluded that thanks to its smooth interior, we could more easily clean SoliFlex drains and thus get rid of roots faster.
- Charles Robillard


The lightness is a significant advantage, given the limited space on the narrow paths of the campsite, often bordered by mature trees.

Because of their lightweight, HDPE products do not require the use of lifting equipment for their installation. They can be moved manually, making installation and job execution faster and easier.

We liked the rigidity of the new SoliFlex drain, which is more rigid than the traditional drain. And in fact, it’s as good as this one.
- Pierre Tétreault

In the future, we will certainly use SoliFlex on the campsite!
- Charles Robillard

In addition, HDPE provides flexibility in installation; it is easy to adapt the pipes to the needs in the field and to add inlets and outlets to the corrugated manholes and catch basins.


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