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HydroStor® underground retention system

Maxime Arsenault, eng.

Engineer Technical Service
Outaouais, Lanaudière and Laurentides

The Context

Storm water storage: a simple and customized solution

The system in question was thought to allow the replacement of the opened retention system with the target to regain space and be able to expand Construction G-Nesis’ yard; situated at 4915 Louis B. Mayer street. In the hopes to maximize the yard’s storage surface, the underground retention system’s layout of 1037 m3 (36 621 pi3) was required to compensate for the initial retention system’s volume already in place.

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The Solution

The HydroStor® retention system with groundwater table regeneration was therefore selected by the constructor as the solution and installed. The statured installation of around 190 HydroStor® HS 180 chambers surrounded by clean stone in a restrained pond of 36 m (118 pi) in length by 29 m (95 pi) in width, made it possible to now stock 1037 m3 (36 621 pi3) of water during a harsh rainstorm. In addition, a pretreatment unit, included in the upstream system of the diffuser, was installed as well.

The HydroStor® pretreatment unit eliminates the possibility of sediment migration to the chambers

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installed chambers
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