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A complete HDPE storm water sewer for Candiac Square


Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

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Montérégie | Estrie

The Context

A complete solution in HDPE offered by Soleno

The construction project of the Candiac Square, the second most important residential project of Greater Montreal in 2016, represents a successful achievement using products made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Executed over a three-year period, the development of two underground retention system and a complete network of HDPE storm water sewer and treatment system meeting the municipal and provincial governments requirements for storm water management was a first for the various stakeholders of the project. The benefits of this economical, simple and fast installation system won over them to install the first storm water sewer network completely in HDPE.

The Conveying Solution

For the first part of the storm sewer network, the contractor proceeded with the installation of over 630 linear meters of Solflo Max pipes of 1200 mm (48 in) in diameter, as well as around 15 manholes chimney type of 900 mm (36 in) in diameter, welded directly to the Solflo Max pipes. Several Solflo Max pipes of diameters ranging from 450 mm (18 in) to 1500 mm (60 in) were also used. In addition, in order to treat retained water, an AS-10 Aqua-Swirl hydrodynamic separator was integrated at the end of the network, before connecting it to the city storm sewer network. Finally, more than 1290 linear meters of Solflo Max pipes will form this HDPE storm sewer network.

Storm Water Sewer of 1200 mm (48 in) diameter

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linear meters
chambers installed
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The Storage Solution

For each of the two 16 rows retention systems, nearly 480 HydroStor HS180 chambers were installed on a stabilization geogrid, and then surrounded by clean stone covered with TX-90 geotextiles. The first retention basin will store 2,505 m(88,463 ft3) of water for heavy rain events, and the second retention basin will store 2,475 m(87403,8 ft3) of water. A waterproof geomembrane as well as two protective geotextiles were installed on the two excavated areas, measuring 35,27 m (115.7 ft.) in width and more than 66 m (216.5 ft.) in length.

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