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District Sainte-Julie : toward a new advanced district


Marie Bernier-Roy, Eng.

Manager Technical Service

The Context

Development of 4 underground retention systems and 3 treatment systems.

In the context of the development of District Sainte-Julie, a multifunctional project of more than 74 000 ftcommercial space, the contractor, Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon was to build four underground retention systems, totalling 478.7 m(16 880.4 ft3) as well as three treatment systems meeting the requirements of municipal and provincial governments in matters of stormwater management. Supported by the expertise of Soleno, the design team of Stendel + Reich Architecture Inc. chose to trust Soleno’s treatment and storage solutions, which offer many benefits.

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The Storage Solution

The contractor Les Entreprises Claude Chagnon, under the supervision of Mr. Philippe Déry Rouleau, Project Officer, proceeded to the installation of four underground retention systems; three with HydroStor chambers and one with StormChamber chambers. Installed on a stabilization geogrid, the 65 HydroStor HS180 chambers and the 31 StormChamber chambers, all surrounded by clean stone, will allow the storage of 478.7 m(16 880.4 ft3) of water for heavy rain events. A non-woven TX-90 separation geotextile was installed on all excavated areas and also used to cover the clean stone.

Complete solution for stormwater management

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chambers installed
cubic meters

The Treating Solution

Exceeds the environmental requirements

In addition, in order to treat stormwaters, in compliance with the requirements of the Environment and fight against climate change Ministry, two CDS continuous deflection hydrodynamic separators of 1500 mm (60 in) in diameter (model CDS-5) and 2100 mm (84 in) in diameter (model CDS-7) were also installed.

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