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An oversized HDPE storm water sewer for the city of Saint-Basile-le-Grand


Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

Technical Service
Montérégie | Estrie

The Context

A custom-made solution under the extension of a residential street

As part of the extension of the Îlot-du-Coteau street in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, the contractor CBC 2010 Inc. had to install a storm water sewer and a treatment system. Standardized in the city’s specifications for several years, and throughout the territory of Saint-Basile-le-Grand, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products offered by Soleno have been selected by the FNX-INNOV engineering firm (formerly known as Consultants firm S.M. Inc.) for the realization of this project.

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The Solution

Mandated by the real estate developer, the FNX-INNOV firm opted for oversized HDPE Solflo Max pipes offered by Soleno for the realization of this project. The contractor CBC 2010 Inc. therefore installed 66 linear meters of non-perforated 1200 mm (48 in) Solflo Max pipes, spread over 2 rows and which will store 90 m(3178 ft3). Welded directly to the pipes, the 600 mm and 900 mm (24 in and 36 in) diameter access chimneys (and other accessories) allowed the basin to be built just within the limits of the allocated area.

Adapted storage solution

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cubic meters

The Treating Solution

Exceeds the environmental requirements

In addition, in order to treat the stored stormwater, a 1200 mm (48 in) diameter CDS continuous deflection hydrodynamic separator (model CDS-4) was incorporated at the end of the network, prior to the connection to the existing municipal network.


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