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Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

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Montérégie | Estrie

The Context

Materials and know-how for the compliant management of stormwater

Municipal regulation aims to restrict the flow of storm water from private land to prevent overloading of sewers. In addition, the client was aware of the new provincial regulations requiring that storm water be captured for transport to a wastewater treatment plant, subsequent treatment (optimal sediment removal) and storage with a view to re-infiltration. As a private investor, he was concerned about the cost of infrastructure.

The Solution

Installation, below grade in a parking lot, of a 400 m3 retention basin as an oversized storm water sewer made from 900-mm diameter Solflo Max, with 23 manholes/catch basins and all required accessories. The soil is composed of earth, sand and clay. Depth is about 2 m, width about 2 m. backfill is 0-19 mm stone, asphalt surface, backfill over pipes a minimum of 300 mm. Project estimated to be $10M.

The "Lego" concept optimizes the performance of HDPE infrastructures

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Images and Quotes

Welding the pipes with the manholes represents an advantage that is worth its weight in gold.
- Jean-Yves Joubert, P. Eng., Project manager at Groupe GDS

For the manholes alone, the customer saved about $5,000 each.
- Stéphane Kirouac, P. Eng., Director of Engineering, Soleno Sales and PDP

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