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Expansion of Bishop P. F. Reding Catholic Secondary School in Milton


Yosif Jarjees, P.Eng.

Engineer Technical Service 

The Context

Construction of two underground storm water chamber systems

As part of the expansion of Bishop P. F. Reding Catholic Secondary School in the Town of Milton, Ontario, the contractor Drain Land Inc.was to build two underground storm water retention systems under the school’s new parking lots. The benefits of this economical, simpleand quick installation system convinced the Flora Designs Inc. design team and the contractor Drain Land Inc. to build the underground retention systems using HydroStor chambers.

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The Solution

In June 2019, the contractor Drain Land Inc. under the supervision of Mr. Alex Verkhovsky, Project Manager, built two retention systems using HydroStor underground storm water chambers. Installed on a stabilization geogrid, the two basins will store 112.9 m³ (3987 ft³) and 32.1 m³ (1133 ft³) of water respectively during heavy rainfall events. Occupying an area of 175.7 m2 (1891 ft2), the first four-row basin has 48 HS75 chambers, all surrounded by clean stone. The second basin, with a surface area of 52.2 m² (562 ft2), has 12 HS75 chambers arranged over 3 rows, also surrounded by clean stone. A TX-90 non-woven separation geotextile has been installed on all excavated areas and also covers the clean stone.

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The Benefits

The underground storm water chamber systems receive storm water runoff from the parking lots, sidewalks and other hard surfaces via the storm sewer network where it is held allowing some of the storm water to infiltrate into the surrounding soils. Thanks to their modular design, the underground retention systems help to maximize the full development potential of a site and offer the best cost per cubic meter ratio of stored storm water.

Manufactured in polypropylene (PP), the HydroStor retention chambers are easy to install, due to their lightness, and provide considerable savings in terms of time, manpower and heavy equipment requirement. Indeed, the installation of the first HydroStor retention basin was completed in a mere two days with a team of three labourers and a machinery operator.

Their use can absorb heavy rains and avoid flash floods. HydroStor HS75 retention chambers, designed for large volume projects or when the available space is restricted, can store 1.31 m3 (74.9 ft3) of stormwater per chamber, which makes them more economical by greatly reducing the occupied area.


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