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Realization of a 3-levels StormChamber retention system in Rosemère


Marie Bernier-Roy, Eng.

Manager Technical Service

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The Context

Construction of a retention basin for watersheds

In the context of the construction of a pumping station for stormwater watersheds, the contractor, Les Entreprises Charles Maisonneuve, needed to install a watertight retention system under a section of a school bus parking lot, between William and Couture streets, in Rosemere, Quebec. By allowing to temporarily retain large quantities of water, this type of system reduces to its minimum the input of water into the municipal storm water sewers system in peak period, before its release to an outlet. Supported by the expertise of Soleno, the designing team of BHP Conseils chose to trust the StormChamber retention chambers, since this HDPE storage solution offered many benefits.

The Solution

In September 2017, the contractor, Les Entreprises Charles Maisonneuve installed a 219 retention chambers StormChamber, distributed on three separate levels, capable of storing 865.5 m3 (30547.2 ft3) of water during heavy rain events. A watertight geomembrane was installed on all the excavated area, measuring 35.5 m (116.25 ft) in width, 12.3 m (40.5 ft) in length and 5.7 (18.7 ft) deep, as well as above the basin. A low-density geogrid combined with a high-density geogrid was also installed under all chambers, then backfilled with clean stones. In addition, in order to limit intrusion of oils, debris and suspended solids contained in the stormwater, two pretreatment units were included, as well as two manholes with smooth exterior wall of 1200 mm (48 in) in diameter.

Multiple levels installation

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installed chambers

Installation Video

Installation of a StormChamber retention system of 865.5 m3 in Rosemère.

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