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Discover our new online academy, the ultimate learning center for mastering stormwater sustainably at home. Here, you will find rich and diverse educational content that will help you understand the importance of stormwater management and make the most of our products.

Welcome to the academy!

At the academy, we offer educational content to help you become familiar with stormwater management at home. You will find recommendations, advice, and lessons on everything related to our products and stormwater management.

Dive into the fascinating world of residential stormwater management!

Why choose HDPE pipes for foundation drainage ?
4 things to know about foundation drainage
Geosynthetics: 3 use cases to consider for your home
3 essential solutions to maximize the use of stormwater at home.
3 considerations to help you choose the right culvert
Radon Awareness: what is it and what preventive measures should be taken to reduce the risks.

Our Products

As the first developer of  solutions for mastering water sustainably, Soleno offers a range of products and solutions for residential applications.

Whether you need pipes, drains, culverts, catch basin, linear surface drainage systems, retention basins, or even accessories or geosynthetics, we provide a complete, specialized range for stormwater management at home.

Products, accessories and geosynthetics

Our Products
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Need technical information about our products?

Try our new resource center! In this new resource center, you’ll find standard drawings and installation guides, among other things. Browse through one of these two sections and use the search tool to quickly find everything you need.

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