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Installation of the SoliFlex drain at a new building’s foundation footings

Sylvain Bouchard

Sales Representative


The Context

Foundation and basement drainage: the SoliFlex drain facilitates cleaning and promotes rapid water evacuation.

When it comes to channelling and draining excess water from the foot of a building’s foundations, the choice of perforated pipe to use is crucial to prevent the captured water from stagnating, causing damage to the foundation. Several options are available to formwork contractors, including high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drains. Satisfied with the HDPE products offered by Soleno for his residential projects, Mr. Mayotte chose to use the new SoliFlex Type 3 flexible drain for the foundations of a house in Cap-Santé, Quebec.

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The Solution

A 45 m (147.6 ft) roll of 100 mm (4 in) diameter SoliFlex Type 3 drain was installed at the base of the new home’s foundation footings. A 100 mm (4 in) diameter access chimney, connected to the foundation drain, was also installed. Despite the many 90-degree angles present, no connections were installed other than the final connection. Once the foundation drain was filled with clean stone, a separation geotextile was added to cover it.

Installation completed in less than an hour

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