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Surface water collection and subsurface drainage are key to avoid home damage resulting from storm water accumulation. Subsurface collection at commercial and residential building foundation footings removes excess groundwater from the soil. Soleno gives consumers access to a range of effective residential drainage products, as well as geotextiles for diverse applications.

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Foundation Drainage

Foundation drainage is of paramount importance for the prevention of damage to your building. A poorly drained foundation can cause considerable damage and risk harmful water infiltration.

Efficient foundation drainage relies first on optimal stormwater management around the property. It’s essential to properly collect and direct surface water through gutters, catch basins/collectors, as well as by installing an underground drain system to keep water away from the foundation.

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Septic Field

This development example includes our specialized product, the epurtex that promotes evapotranspiration and transfers oxygen in septic field applications.


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Residential Parking Area

This development example combines our residential linear capture solution with the different applications of our wide range of non-woven geotextile to make it a sustainable solution as a residential parking area.

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Shed and all types of drains

This development example highlights the wide range of pipes, drains and filter sheath offered by Soleno. Depending on the desired application and soil characteristics, one product may be preferable to another. Explore each of our solutions or contact your Soleno (e) expert to learn more.

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Residential Catch Basin

This residential catch basin development example is a solution for stormwater catchment designed to evacuate excess water on your property. Our custom HDPE solutions also allow connections to existing storm water systems.

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With our garage development example, you can enjoy comfort from an efficient floor drainage system. It allows for the capture of water from daily use or from the melting of snow. For your other needs such as the basement, we also encourage you to inquire about our radon-proof sump basin to reduce the impacts of this harmful, colorless, and odorless gas.

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Mastering stormwater at home

Mastering stormwater at home. Products made from recycled local plastic.
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Discover our new online academy, the ultimate learning centre designed to be the one-stop shop for all your training needs on our products and solutions. Here you will find a rich and varied educational content that will help you understand the importance of stormwater management and get the most out of our products.

At the academy, we offer educational content to get familiar with stormwater control at home. You will find recommendations, tips and lessons on anything that could affect our products and stormwater management.

Dive into the fascinating world of residential stormwater management!


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Soleno is proud to take part in the WELL MADE HERE program which assures you of local and quality products.

Already four product lines offered by Soleno are available on the virtual store of WELL MADE HERE; the line of drains (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 et Mega 3), the Solflo and Solflo Max pipes as well as the SoliFlex pipe, all available in hardware stores.

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