Type 1 Drain (Non-Perforated)

Non-perforated flexible single wall pipe, with corrugated interior and exterior walls for drainage application use

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Type 1 Drain (Non-Perforated)

Technical Documents

Drain Type 1

Our Recommendation

Soleno recommends the use of Type 1 Drain (Non-Perforated), for gravity flow of water towards an outlet, for the following application:

  • Drainage collector and outlet

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Our range of drains, 100 mm to 250 mm (4 to 10 in) of diameter, was awarded EcoDesigned Product Attestation by the Council of sustainable industries (CSI).

This program created by the Council of sustainable industries (CID), Eco Entreprises Quebec (ÉEQ) and RECYC-QUEBEC aims at recognizing the eco-design approaches of an business in the development of packaging or products, as well as their environmental attributes.


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