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Mastering Water Sustainably

Mastering Water Sustainably

The retention and replenishment of ground water by infiltration of surface runoff represent a significant change from the traditional approach. Soleno has developed expertise and complete solutions that perfectly meet the current requirements of collecting, conveying, treating and the storage of storm water. With its well-established environmental concern, Soleno can assist you in the selection, design and implementation of effective and sustainable solutions for the management of storm water.

Expertise and complete solutions

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Maîtriser l'eau de pluie

It's raining...

Increasing intensity
Maîtriser l'eau de pluie

Solutions are the road to mastery

  • Pipes of high-density polyethylene and corrugated steel for conveying water.
  • Qualitative solution control for treating storm water.
  • Underground detention and retention systems with or without replenishment of the groundwater.
  • Custom HDPE Structure
  • Standard or custom-made accessories in high-density polyethylene.
  • Nonwoven geotextiles, agricultural textiles, smart textiles.
Le PEHD est une matière extrêmement performante et durable

Manufactured in HDPE

Designing sustainable solutions in HDPE

HDPE is an extremely durable, heavy-duty material with a service life that can exceed 100 years. Resistant to corrosion, abrasion, de-icing salts and vibration, it is strong and offers excellent performance. Polyethylene is a readily available, lightweight material, allowing the production of pipes and accessories with an enhanced quality-price ratio.

HDPE, the option of the future

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