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Design and Innovation

Innovation et R&D - Gestion et des eaux pluviales

Regulations are in constant evolution and this drives innovation:

Soleno innovates and enables you to meet regulatory requirements

Innovation et R&D - Gestion et des eaux pluviales
Soleno innovation - Concevoir, fabriquer et transporter
Project tracking

Design, Manufacturing and Transport

Unified processes we have simplified

From raw materials sourcing to unloading at the site, our engineers and customer service department track your infrastructure projects and ensure they are delivered on schedule.

We manufacture it

Cutting, forming, assembling and welding parts to create a product perfectly suited to your project: that’s where our expertise lies. Our design team can create the most complex products and the least costly solutions.

HDPE allows for custom manufacturing

Innovation - PEHD permet la fabrication sur mesure
custom projects in 2016


Bell with Integrated Gasket: The Watertight Solution!

Discover why this product is the best solution for gravity networks.

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Innovated Products

Bell with Integrated Gasket Bell with Integrated Gasket

Bell with Integrated Gasket

  • Fixed thermofused gasket
  • Two permanent points of contact on the crest of the corrugations, ensuring watertight connections
  • The bell outlet with integrated gasket accepts full diameter pipes
  • Provided with clips that help validate the quality of the installation and the depth of the interlocked overlap

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Innovated Products



  • Its smooth interior wall minimizes sediment accumulation, while greatly facilitating cleaning
  • Available exclusively at soleno in a 100 mm diameter (4 in) and 45 m length (147.6 ft) or in maxi
  • Type 3 perforations reduce the proliferation of iron ochre
  • Provides a better manning’s value (0.012) than the standard corrugated drain, to promote rapid water evacuation
  • Now certified to BNQ 3624-115
  • Finalist for the AQMAT 2017 Innovation Award !

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