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The enhancement of residual plastic materials

Mobilize Know-hows


Soleno is proud to unveil the creation of its Innovation Pole.

The Soleno Innovation Pole’s objective is to draw and unite the multidisciplinary expertise to find lasting solutions to the problems surrounding the recycling of residual plastic materials that are threatening the environment.

The enhancement of residual plastic materials

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Integrate Technology

A laboratory and a highly qualified workforce

Today, the Pole detains a world class laboratory which combines the expertise of private, governmental and academic partners. In collaboration with these partners, the Pole aims to include the training and monitoring of a highly qualified work force in the field the of plastics processing industry.


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4 strategic axes

The Pole is based on four strategic axes:

  • Unite the actors of the plastics processing industry
  • Promote scientific and technological development
  • Develop technologies to enhance residual plastic materials
  • Encourage applied research and knowledge transfer

Encourage Research

The Soleno Innovation Pole symbolizes our willingness to contribute to the changes in the actual practices to reduce the impact of residual plastic materials on the environment.  By stimulating scientific research, we intend to develop technologies to transform these previously destined to be buried or exported recyclable plastic materials, into environment efficient and respectful products.

5000 billions of plastic bags are produced annually and the majority ends up as detritus in the environment.

Our Engagement

The materials that result from this process are mainly reused in the products and, due to the scientific research directed by the Soleno Innovation Pole, we intend to increase the quantity and quality of our products, made partly of recycled materials, to surpass the performance criteria of legislative standards. Wherever the norms allow it, Soleno integrates recycled materials to create an efficient and environmentally respectful product.

Thereby, from the sorting center to the finished product, Soleno represents a model of circular economy. As an ECOLEADER of the Quebec industries through its obtainment of the Ecoresponsible Sustainable Development certification sponsored by the Sustainable Industries Council (CSI), Soleno was awarded the level 1.- Engagement – for its plant located at 1160, route 133, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu – from the ECORESPONSIBLE certification program. 

In 2018, Soleno engaged in the new program to obtain the level 2. Performance and, thereby obtained, by the Council for sustainable industries (CSI), the ECORESPONSIBLE certification – Ecodesigned Product, for distinct lines of products.

Become a changemaker by enhancing residual plastic materials.

For more information or to be part of the Innovation Pole, please contact us at [email protected].

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