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HDPE, the option of the future

La simple présence de l'option PEHD fait baisser les coûts d'un projet

A Cost-Effective Choice

The mere presence of HDPE as an option brings down project costs

Several studies have shown how the listing of HDPE in contract documents guarantees substantial savings. The comparative study “Comparison of Stormwater Pipe Installation Lengths and Costs in Texas”, conducted by BCC Research, shows the cost variation according to the choice of pipe installed.

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Cost Control

From design to implementation, managing an underground infrastructure project requires a great deal of planning. When the final installed cost is one of the variables considered, the use of HDPE always proves to be a cost-effective solution. The mere fact that HDPE is listed as an alternative to conventional materials in the project specifications guarantees a better quality-price ratio for the client.

The article “Restoring Choice Could Fix America’s Water Infrastructure”, published by Morning Consult, illustrates the opportunities that arise from sound management of alternative products in implementing infrastructure projects.

Sound management of alternative products

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Une saine gestion des produits alternatifs
Une saine gestion des produits alternatifs
Une saine gestion des produits alternatifs
PEHD - Durable et performant
PEHD - Durable et performant

Durable and Effective

Withstand perfectly de-icing salts

High-density polyethylene is an extremely durable, effective material with a lifespan that can exceed 100 years! In fact, it is the most ecological choice for mastering storm water. HDPE is resistant to corrosion, abrasion, de-icing salts and vibration, ensuring long infrastructure life. This material is a much better choice than concrete, thanks to its cost and low environmental footprint.

HDPE Advantages


The bell with integrated gasket (BIG) with fixed thermofused gasket eliminates the infiltration and exfiltration problems frequently encountered in pipes with less effective connectors.


The vast majority of chemicals are stored in thin-walled HDPE containers. This polymer, which belongs to the polyolefin family, is extremely resistant to chemicals.

Les avantages du PEHD


HDPE is soft and flexible and has excellent impact resistance at temperatures from -30 degrees to 90 degrees Celsius. It is consistently easy to handle in any situation and is less brittle than PVC or concrete.

Les avantages du PEHD


A lightweight product costs less to transport, can be handled with smaller equipment and is simpler to install. A pipe made of HDPE is 30 times lighter, on average, than a concrete pipe of the same diameter.

PEHD - Certifications