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Drainage Access Chimney

Soleno’s drainage access chimneys manufactured out of high-density polyethylene are pre-assembled in the factory, which lowers their installation costs and ensures the quality of the drainage system.

Note : In addition to the usual precautions, comprehensive soil tests must always be performed before building a new home.


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Drainage Access Chimney

Technical Documents

Main Functions

Accessing the drainage system

Installing a drainage system in soil favorable to iron clogging is always risky. To reduce this risk, an excellent precaution is to install access chimneys connected to the French drain. As required, a visual examination with a camera and cleaning with pressurized water will dilute iron deposits that may be found in the drainage system.

  • Allows a camera to be inserted to inspect pipes and detect iron deposits.
  • Provides access to the foundation drainage system for cleaning with pressurized water during periodic maintenance.

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