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Culvert Rehabilitation with KUSTOMFLO High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe


Yosif Jarjees, P.Eng.

Engineer Technical Service 


The Context

The Niagara Region, in collaboration with Devron Ltd and CRL Campbell, faced a significant challenge involving damaged concrete culverts. The objective was to find a solution to restore the structural integrity, while maintaining the capacity for water flow under the roads. 

The decision between rehabilitation and replacement hinged on factors such as the extent of damage, site conditions, and feasibility. More specifically, replacing culverts under roads with heavy traffic or major embankments presents significant challenges related to costs and traffic control. The partnership with Soleno aimed at finding an effective and efficient solution for this critical infrastructure issue.

The Solution

To meet the project’s requirements, Soleno’s technical service recommended a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe: the KUSTOMFLO pipe, with smooth interior and exterior walls. This pipe made it possible to rehabilitate the 2 existing culverts with a waterproof, cost-efficient and large diameter relining. 

Two KUSTOMFLO pipes with an inside diameter of 800 mm and an outside diameter of 902 mm, were selected. The combined length of the installed pipes was 65 metres. The decision to use KUSTOMFLO pipes was based on their functionality, life cycle costs, and environmental impact considerations.


The Benefits

KUSTOMFLO pipes offer benefits such as structural rehabilitation and increased flow capacity due to their smooth interiors. These pipes are also corrosion-resistant, require less maintenance, and are lightweight.

Their double gasket design enables quick installation, avoiding traffic disruptions. Notably, 65 meters of KUSTOMFLO pipes were installed in just one day using a unique sequence.

In a Niagara culvert rehabilitation case, KUSTOMFLO HDPE pipes were a cost-effective solution, enhancing durability and hydraulic performance while minimizing maintenance and traffic issues.

This project highlights KUSTOMFLO’s role in extending the lifespan of infrastructure, ensuring public safety and uninterrupted water flow under roads.

A Durable And Sustainable System

Rehabilitating a culvert made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a lightweight, high-performance, and durable material, ensure a perfectly sealed system. Furthermore, HDPE resists to corrosion, abrasion, de-icing salts, and vibrations, guaranteeing the durability and sustainability of the infrastructure. Its cost-efficiency and reduced environmental footprint make it a superior choice over concrete or steel.


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