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Hauraton Trench Drain : A sustainable solution for a commercial project with salt water.


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Installation of salt water ponds for lobster processing.

The group “Les Crustacés de La Malbaie” had plans for operational expansion, considering the addition of ten extra basins for lobster farming. These basins would have a combined capacity of 400,000 lbs of lobsters, making a substantial stride for the enterprise.

However, this new setup also presented the challenge of managing overflow water, specifically saltwater. They needed a robust linear drainage system capable of collecting and conveying the water overflowing from the basins. 


In response to the need for a linear drainage system resistant to corrosion by saltwater, Soleno suggested the installation of Recyfix Pro channels with a polyamide grate. More than 60 channels with an interior size of 8 inches were installed around the basins.  

The complete installation of the system, including the basins and channels, was carried out by the Aquameric team. 

Trench Drain Hauraton

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Advantages of Recyfix Pro

Hauraton’s Recyfix Pro channels proved to be the perfect solution for collecting and conveying saltwater in an industrial environment. Made from recycled polypropylene with integrated reinforced corners, these channels are not only lightweight but also robust and durable. 

Their resilience makes them ideal for commercial or industrial applications with intensive or non-intensive traffic up to a C250 load class. Recyfix Pro channels are available with an interior width of 100 to 200 mm (4 to 8 inches). 

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Well-trusted brand

Founded in the late 1950s , Hauraton is an european family business known across the world and specialized in the manufacture of polypropylene and concrete channels.  

Hauraton’s products are distributed in  Europe, South America and Asia.  The brand is now proudly distributed in Canada by Soleno. 


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