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Redevelopment of the former CN workshops

Narjes Touioui, CPI

Technical Service
Montreal | Laval

The Context

HDPE: A chemically inert solution for contaminated soils

The redevelopment of the old CN workshops is divided into three distinct development projects; the northern part will be used by AMT, the southern part will be converted for residential purposes, and the central part is slated for industrial and commercial uses, mostly using existing buildings. Soil contamination due to CN operations for more than 70 years required that the land be decontaminated to a suitable degree, but it remained corrosive.

The Solution

Mr. Haeseveld therefore opted for Solflo Max HDPE pipes, known for their durability, light weight and savings resulting from their speedy on-site installation. The contractor has installed over 2300 m (7546 ft) of Solflo pipes and Solflo Max ranging from 150 mm (6 in) to 750 mm (30 in) in diameter, ten catch basins of 600 mm (24 in) in diameter and about ten manholes with smooth exterior walls, ranging from 900 mm (36 in) to 1500 mm (60 in) in diameter.

Chemically inert, HDPE does not react with surrounding contaminated soils

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