Smooth Exterior Catch Basin

Withstands CL-625, H-25 and HS-25 highway loads

Model shown: Catch basin with cast iron adjustable frame and grate, gasket-type multiaxial outlet (GM)


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Smooth Exterior Catch Basin

Technical Documents


The smooth exterior catch basin is selected based on either roadway or non-roadway use, whereas a corrugated manhole/catch basin must be selected for non-roadway use.

The risk of heaving due to the freeze-thaw cycle must be taken into account. Soil movement will not affect a catch basin with a smooth exterior.

Options :

  • Riser
  • Ladder
  • Flow regulator
  • Hook or eyelet for storm sewer trap cover
  • Hook or eyelet
  • Other diameters and special fittings available on request
  • Special frames and grids
  • Hooking system for cast iron bell
  • Catch basin hatch: hook or eyelet

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