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Replacement of an Adduction Pipe for a Water Treatment Plant.


Jean-Olivier Boulet-Laporte, CPI

Technical Service
Montérégie | Estrie

The Context

The Aqueduc intermunicipal du Bas-Richelieu (AIBR) project emerged due to the necessity of replacing an outdated adduction pipe used to supply a drinking water plant.


To secure the area’s drinking water supply, the project involved replacing the existing pipeline with a new one capable of meeting the current and future needs of the Bas-Richelieu region.


The Solution

The proposed solution for the Aqueduc intermunicipal du Bas-Richelieu (AIBR) project involved replacing the outdated pipe with a one-meter-diameter KUSTOMFLO pipe. This choice was intended to ensure a more efficient infrastructure for the supply of drinking water.


Les Entreprises Michaudville led the project, in collaboration with Soleno Service to fuse the joints by extrusion to ensure the watertightness of the KUSTOMFLO pipe. The project was successfully executed through the creative and sustainable engineering solutions provided by WSP.


The project will supply drinking water to several cities in the Bas-Richelieu region.


Advantages and Benefits

The unique technology! KUSTOMFLO pipes offer a different concept.

Unlike fixed standard solutions, KUSTOMFLO pipes allow for the adaptation of pipe profiles to meet specific project needs and applicable standards. Over 100 different profiles available to meet all needs.

Lightweight, fast installation and resistance to de-icing salts are also advantageous features associated with KustomFlo HDPE pipes.

  • Bell thickness up to 200 mm.
  • Pipe profile adapted to the internal pressures or loads applied on the pipe
  • Allows for manufacturing of custom-made products
  • Complete range offering diameters from 600 mm to 2400 mm and on demand from 300 to 5000 mm
  • Over 100 years of lifespan.

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