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Test of a culvert fitted with fish weirs in Martin-Valin ZEC, Saguenay

Sylvain Bouchard

Sales Representative

The Context

Conveying stormwater in compliance with the new RRSDF

In anticipation of the implementation of the Regulation respecting the sustainable development of forests in the domain of the State (RRSDF), which entered into force in April 2018, several stakeholders in the forest industry, including Soleno, were involved in the development of solutions and products to meet the new regulatory requirements. Forest roads construction is one of the activities with the most potential adverse impacts on aquatic fauna. Eager to offer suitable solutions and products, Soleno developed a culvert equipped with fish weirs that meets the objectives of the new RRSDF by allowing the crossing of a water course while ensuring the free passage of fish. To validate its prototype, Soleno invited all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the RRSDF to visit the site of the installation, under route R-200 at kilometer 25 in Martin-Valin ZEC.


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The Solution

In August 2017, Groupe Forestra has therefore installed 48 linear meters of corrugated galvanized steel pipe (CGSP) of 2400 m (96 in) in diameter in a trench in 9.1 m (30 ft) wide by 4.5 m (15 ft) deep. Installed in parallel, the two pipes are composed of two lengths of 12 m (39 ft) each, assembled by a steel clamp with 9 corrugations. One is equipped with 12 fish weirs welded directly to the pipe, and the other, a standard corrugated steel pipe, ensures the evacuation capacity and respects the narrowing of the width of the water stream. In order to maintain access to the territory, the road was diverted at km 25 during the entire duration of the work, that spread for 5 days due to heavy rains the previous days.

A sustainable solution to ensure the free passage of the fish

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