Nonwoven needled geocomposite, designed for vertical drainage, mainly used for civil engineering works

Made of polypropylene and polyester, Draincotex is used for drainage.

Draincotex geocomposite was especially designed to direct water vertically towards a collecting pipe. It is composed of two nonwoven geotextiles wrapped around a geotextile core having a higher discharde capacity than the surrounding soil. A filtering envelope (sheath) is provided at the lower end for insertion of the perforated pipe. Inside the sheath is a nylon cord to facilitate insertion of the selected pipe.

Draincotex system also separates the foundation from the shoulder soil and protects the soil from the margin effect. It may be used alone or with the Drainatex horizontal drainage system.

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Our Recommendation

Soleno recommends the use of the Draincotex geocomposite for the following applications:

Drainage function:

  • Permanent public roadway
  • Road widening
  • Airport runways
  • Slab and building foundation
  • Road and highway drainage


For catch basins and concrete manholes protection against freeze-thaw cycles, and to promote and accelerates water drainage from infrastructures while ensuring the separation of layers of granular materials, Soleno Textile recommends the combined use of 3 geocomposites; TX-MP, Drainatex and Draincotex.
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Several factors enter into the selection of the geosynthetic to be used.

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