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External End Cap

Now fits all types of pipes due to a universal connection!

Model shown: 2B100CV improved


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External End Cap

Technical Documents

Diameter and Code

  • 100 mm (4 in) – 2B100CV improved
  • 150 mm (6 in) – 2B150C improved

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Innovation: new type of bell

Bouchons_accessoires_drainage_agricole Innovation_cloche_universelle

Our Improvements

    1. Guidance skis: reduces the movement of the smallest diameter without preventing the connection of larger ones.
    2. Interior diameter with 3-clamping levels to adjust to the different diameters on the market, whether imperial or metric.
    3. Clamping system to prevent the penetration of particles.
    4. The elongated socket reduces the risk of pullout.
    5. The clips permanently lock the accessory on the drainage pipe.

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Launch of our new and improved accessories! We now offer our brand new range of universal accessories that are easy to install. Discover the advantages of the most complete and distinct range of products for the agricultural drainage market.

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