Flexible Weir

A wide range of devices to monitor water levels and flow rates. Each case is analyzed by our team of engineers and a solution for your application is provided.

For example, the flexible weir (model shown) allows to raise existing weirs or substantially reduce the size of the over flow structures (by 2 to 10 times).

Advantages and Benefits

Soleno is proud to be the privileged partner for the distribution of John Meunier inc.’s flexible weir, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies.


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Flexible Weir


Soleno is pleased to announce the renewal of its privileged partnership with Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, for the distribution of the Hydrovex line of technologies for Quebec, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces.

Since 2012, Soleno has been a business partner with Veolia for the Hydrovex product line from John Meunier, – a subsidiary of Veolia – the most recognized complementary products for stormwater management on the market. 


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