News - Soleno acquires Plastiques VPC

12 May 2021

Soleno acquires Plastiques VPC

One more step towards a greener economy

McAdam, New Brunswick May 12, 2021 – Soleno is a Canadian cleantech leader operating in New Brunswick that develops sustainable solutions for storm water management and is always looking for new opportunities to innovate. Today, Soleno is announcing the acquisition of Plastiques VPC, a start-up specializing in the recycling of oil-contaminated plastics. This is a key industry to tackle climate change which makes the acquisition even more important. It will also position the province of New Brunswick advantageously in the recycling industry and demonstrate its leadership to combat climate change.

Circular economy at its best

The pandemic has highlighted Canada’s heavy dependence on foreign supply, in many sectors, plastic supply being no exception. It is with this idea in mind that Soleno wants to develop innovative projects based on circular economy which has been the core of all their practices for many years. In addition to offering sustainable solutions for companies needing to dispose of their contaminated plastics and hazardous products, Soleno will give a second life to these materials by integrating them into the manufacturing process of high-density polyethylene pipes for storm water management.

To know more about que the acquisition read the press release or visit the website.

Soleno acquires Plastiques VPC