StormChamber Retention System (with Watertight Geomembrane)


For construction of a large or very large basin, StormChamber with a watertight membrane is very economical, simple and quick to install.

* Installed Storage Capacity.
Model shown: Multi-level StormChamber detention system


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StormChamber Retention System (with Watertight Geomembrane)

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Advantages and Benefits

  • All solutions offered by Soleno are economical and durable.
  • The modular design makes installation easy while significantly reducing shipping costs.
  • On-site equipment for unloading and handling is minimized.
  • Compared to open ponds, subsurface storage systems are safe and require little maintenance.
  • Reduces liability.

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How to choose the right solution?

Product selection is based on the volume of water to store while taking into account the constraints of the site: excavation depth and available surface area.

For more information, see our technical data sheet or talk to your Soleno representative

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